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Florist Kasara from The Teal Door AK

Hey everyone! Today I am talking to Kasara Bertels who is a florist here in Alaska. She is the owner of The Teal Door.

As some of you may know I am a Certified Wedding Planner and Ambassador through The Bridal Society. We, at The Bridal Society, know how important hiring an educated Wedding Planner or Coordinator is.

I've been having lots of fun asking our fellow wedding vendors, how important it is for our couples to hire professionals and especially their thoughts on having a Certified Wedding Planner for your day! Let's meet Kasara!

1. Tell me about your company

My name is Kasara Bertels and I am the Owner and Lead Floral Designer for the Teal Door. I specialize in bohemian inspired florals for elopement and full sized weddings as well as everything in between!

2. What inspired you to enter the wedding industry?

I was helping a friend at her wedding with florals and just loved it. I’ve always been very artistic and just started a company where I could create art for couples for their wedding day!

3. What is the one thing you wish you had know when you began your career?

Charge your worth! When I started, I said yes to every photoshoot and opportunity. That meant driving to locations for free or giving away free product. Even though it worked out well for me and helped me get my name out it was still a profit loss. Always charge your worth.

4. What is the one common myth about your profession that you want to debunk?

“You just play with flowers all day.” Being a florist is a lot of work but also very fun. There is a lot of behind the scenes that the every day client never sees. There is lots of color matching, bucket and vase cleaning, driving to pick up flowers, processing flowers, emails, putting together the flowers, the list goes on.

5. What is the best compliment that you have received regarding your work?

The biggest compliment I’ve ever receive was being told how much I continue to grow during my wedding seasons. I take pride in keeping up in modern techniques and flower themes and love applying them to my work.

6. How many weddings do you take per year?

In 2021 I took on 55 elopement/weddings/events. Each year is very different, however I like to have 10 weddings per month for our summer season.

7. Out of (number of weddings they do per year) weddings you do per year, how many would you say you do with a hired Certified Wedding Planner?

I would say that 75% are with a certified wedding planner. With the spike in elopements lots of couples are planning on their own, but all of our out of state couples and couples having larger weddings always use a wedding planner.

8. Can you tell me why you prefer working weddings when a Certified Wedding Planner is hired by the couple?

Everything goes so much more smoothly. I get exact schedules, floral plans, colors, payments are always made on time, and the communication is so much better when using a planner!

9. Can you describe a mishap that took place at a wedding were a planner wasn’t hired?

Thankfully, I have not experienced that. Typically, brides who do not hire a planner tend to do choose to pick up their flowers from our shop to save money.

10.Can you describe a situation a Certified Wedding Planner saved the day?

I’ve never had an experience where we were not overly prepared with a certified planner. They are all so on top of everything that I feel ready to take on any plan.

11.Do you wish all your couples hired a Certified Wedding Planner?

10000%. Hire them. Even if it’s just for day of coordinating, you will not regret having everything taken care of.

With love, The Teal Door Kasara Bertels

That's me and Kasara with the bride working together for this wedding! (Check out that awesome bouquet that I'm holding for the bride.)

Also fun fact: Kasara is a pro at doing boomerangs!

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