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Lipstick and Bobby-pins

Hola! I'm Yvette and I am the owner of Wedding Creative & Design. I am a Certified Wedding Planner and Ambassador through The Bridal Society, the leading Wedding Planning Certification Program in the world, and the largest membership of Certified Wedding Planners & Venues. We, at The Bridal Society, know how important hiring an educated Wedding Planner or Coordinator is. The Bridal Society is a wedding planner lifestyle membership and certification program focused on raising the standards in the industry and ensuring that all couples have an opportunity to have the wedding day of their dreams.

Today I am talking to Kelsey Urrea, owner of Lipstick_and_bobbypins. I've known Kelsey since she was a little girl and to see her now as a boss of her own company is so awesome! I always LOVE working with Kelsey not only because she does an amazing job and makes my brides feel amazing, but even just the fact that she does both Hair and Makeup. It's hard to find someone who can do both. It's a talent and I'm always grateful when I get to work with someone like Kelsey on wedding days.

1. Tell me about your company?

Hello, my name is Kelsey and my business is called Lipstick & Bobby pins, I came up with that name hoping to give an understanding that I do both hair and makeup as soon as someone sees my name.

2. What inspired you to enter the wedding industry?

I started out 10 years ago just growing and expanding my knowledge of what I thought could only be a hobby, eventually that hobby grew into a business that I enjoy so much.

3. What is the one thing you wish you had know when you began your career?

I wish I had worked on my confidence when I started out as a business, growing and learning with confidence instead of comparing myself to others. I appreciate following others on social media that build up fellow hair and makeup artists bringing to light what we all feel inside.

4. What is the best compliment that you have received regarding your work?

Biggest compliment I would have to say is when clients reach out to me and say, they love my work on Instagram, it’s a huge compliment to know someone is looking at your personal work and saying they love it. The texts I get the day day after the wedding, are so special. When brides thank me and say they felt beautiful and confident all day makes me feel so much joy inside. That’s what keeps me in the wedding industry, to be part of such a special day is so rewarding.

5. Can you tell me why you prefer working weddings when a Certified Wedding Planner is hired by the couple?

The wedding day and the time up to that day is very overwhelming for a bride and her family, this is where a certified wedding planner is absolutely amazing. When a wedding planner contacts me for pricing and does all the questioning, emailing and communicating for the bride, I think wow, what a stress relief this must be for the bride! I love it when all is booked and the wedding planner sends me a timeline of everything, it just makes the day so clear. Then to see the wedding planner running around all day making sure every last detail is being addressed, while the bride sips champagne with her girls getting her makeup done, stress free.

6.Do you wish all your couples hired a Certified Wedding Planner?

Yes! I can just see the difference in the bride when there is a certified wedding planner involved, clear communication is key on such a special day.

Kelsey Urrea


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