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Beautiful Brairwood Farm's perspective on working with Certified Wedding Planners.

Hey everyone! My name is Yvette and I am the owner of Wedding Creative & Design. I am a Certified Wedding Planner and Ambassador through The Bridal Society, the leading Wedding Planning Certification Program in the world, and the largest membership of Certified Wedding Planners & Venues. We, at The Bridal Society, know how important hiring an educated Wedding Planner or Coordinator is. The Bridal Society is a wedding planner lifestyle membership and certification program focused on raising the standards in the industry and ensuring that all couples have an opportunity to have the wedding day of their dreams.

I had the opportunity to interview River Charles, owner of Briarwood Farm.

Brairwood Farm is a beautiful wedding venue, where you can say “I Do” among rustic farmland scenery surrounded by Alaska’s pristine mountain views overlooking the Matanuska river. Located on six acres encompassed by valley hay-fields, they are sure to provide ample area for your special event.

Thank you River for taking the time to do this interview.

  • Tell me about your company

I own an outdoor wedding venue that we built from the ground up in the last few years.

  • What inspired you to enter the wedding industry?

Something I've always wanted to do since we did our own wedding over 8 years ago.

  • What is the one thing you wish you had know when you began your career?

It's going to be hard, and you'll come across a lot of other people who also think they can do the same thing as you, but stick with it. It is majorly a hospitality field as well.

  • What is the one common myth about your profession that you want to debunk?

Outdoor weddings could be terrible because you can't predict the weather. I say embrace the weather, plan for the worst and hope for the best. Regardless of bad weather days, I've seen some of the best moments and photographs in pouring rain weather.

  • What is the best compliment that you have received regarding your work?

How beautiful we have made our venue, just what we have created in general.

  • How many weddings do you take per year?

The Goal is 10-12 until I get more help to host more, but until my kids are bigger that's the goal for now.

  • Out of (number of weddings they do per year) weddings you do per year, how many would you say you do with a hired Certified Wedding Planner?

Maybe 1/4 of them to 1/2 have had a wedding planner. I always recommend it though.

  • Can you tell me why you prefer working weddings when a Certified Wedding Planner is hired by the couple?

Because my stuff doesn't get ruined, wedding planners care about the venues as well. People don't care, that's what I've also learned in this industry, so any other help and or protection you can get. Makes a big difference.

  • Can you describe a mishap that took place at a wedding were a planner wasn’t hired?

Haha, umm I've started writing a journal for these situations. I've had full size trucks drive down pathways that weren't meant to be driven on and ruined things. I've had people land airplanes in the field without ever asking.

  • Can you describe a situation a Certified Wedding Planner saved the day?

ummm not yet, not enough experiences yet

  • Do you wish all your couples hired a Certified Wedding Planner?

It honestly depends on the crowd, but yes it does make everything flow soooooo much better.

Thank you again River for taking the time to do this interview. It so amazing to talk to vendors and hear about what inspired them to be in the bridal industry and the experiences/stories that come with not having a Certified Wedding Planner.

Check out Briarwood Farm at

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